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Creation From The Heart

Feeling Fab - A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care on Sep 2021

I love this box. It's what I look forward to every month. It's holistic, real, and from the heart of the creator to make others happy and learn how to heal. This month I really enjoyed the pain relieving gel because that stuff WORKS!!! The shade of the lip gloss is just right! The Fresh Tangerine Mist is one of my favorites because I love refreshing face mists. My next favorite is the "Happy" Inhaler which I want to purchase after this one longer usable, it truly is the right blend of essential oils and it makes me calm which helps my anxiety!!! I love these little journals, cards and challenges!! I also love reading the theme of the Month: "Health and Vitality"(perfect timing for this theme), Your Monthly Affirmation and Your Monthly Quote. I seem to go back to these when I'm having a rainy day so thank you for all you do! I can't wait to try the protein drink!!!

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