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3 boxes (the good, the bad, & the ugly)

Pokémon Mystery Box on Sep 2021

I've received this bx 3 times now as of today. My first box was truly something special & I couldn't sign up for a second fast enough. Second box was still great but definitely was a little less stimulating. The third one today wasn't something I'd recommend to any collector 16+. The best part about these boxes was the Japanese boosters that get included, this is my absolute favorite part. The pack selection also is usually impressive, containing sets that are a little harder to find such as burning shadows, celestial storm, eevees heroees, etc. My 2nd & 3rd box had a less pleasing selection containing vivid voltage, chilling reign, & battle styles leaving only 2 slots left for decent boosters. With that said I could look past the underwhelming booster selection of my last box but my pet peeve that I couldn't in good faith let go un-noted.....
Any time you're paying $50 for a Pokemon lot/bundle/box, energy cards & even trainer cards (with the exception of full arts) have no business taking up one of the card slots. I'm sad to end my subscription for now BUT i hope to try this again down the line and be pleasantly surprised by the changes made. Poke Bros have a great idea here & with some tweaking to the contents or just tweaking the price this could be great.

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