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Engaging, Challenging and Very, Very Fun

Murder Mystery in a Box on Jun 2021

The Mystery Experiences Company box is exactly that- a mystery and an experience!
The Mystery-
You never really know what you’ll find in the box. So far I have found FBI evidence logs, email transcripts, taunts and letters from a serial killer and the bone of an angel. The box includes a FULL mystery; the back story, the profiles of those involved and directives on how to engage with the material.
The Experience-
You step into the world of Forrest City and engage people through emails, phone calls, Facebook profiles, websites, and processing evidence, collecting alibis or putting together timelines. There is an element of role play because you are an integral part of the Forrest City community becoming intimately acquainted with the investigators, suspects, and victims. So far I’ve “met” models, priests, FBI agents, freaky clowns, and professors- just to name a few.
I have just completed my 3rd mystery and am looking forward to the next. I read a negative review that stated the puzzles were illogical. They are complicated and it can be frustrating, but I don’t think I would enjoy something I could solve in a matter of hours. I enjoy the process. Plus if you get stumped and need a hint or clue there is a way to find out only what you need/want without ruining the mystery.
If you’re on the fence, give it a try- you will NOT be disappointed!

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Best Mystery Box Ever!

Murder Mystery in a Box on Jun 2021

This company puts together immersive mysteries every month with newspapers, clues, interactive websites, emails, FB pages and characters you care about. Each mystery is stand alone but in a shared universe so while you can join anytime the longer you subscribe the more you learn about Forrest City.
I HIGHLY recommend this box to E V E R Y O N E I talk too.

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