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Well Done!

MyBookBox on Jun 2018

I was really excited to find this box in my mail box today. I didn't even wait to get home from the barn to open it. I was opening it while on top of a 16.3 hand high canadian warm blood. And when I opened it, Oh YAY! I was happy. I found some nums, that were in a flavor that I don't like, but I also found some very nice books. 2 of them. They were in excellent condition, and looked really interesting. And got rave reviews. I am super excited. I read the first chapter out loud to the Canadian warm blood, Oh For Pete's Sake. He really enjoyed learning more about the Alcotts. We were both very impressed with this box. It caused the horse, to get pouty and cranky, knowing that he can't read. But I promised him, I would be happy to read to him again any time.

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Nice Packaging Nice Box

The Wordy Traveler on Jun 2018

From the photos this box looked really interesting. It looked like lots of wonderful fiction novels about places and life in many different countries. What I got was an award winning book on the finer points of Russian communism that was basically a book of interviews. I was indeed highly disappointed. Firstly, I am not in 6th grade. I am a grown up adult woman. I have studied communism in depth. I myself a bit of a democratic socialist Scandinavian style. I have traveled all over the world and if this is the best they can do on Russia, I am really not interested in continueing this subscription.

What I liked about the box was the packaging. Someone put care into the packaging and design so as to present something fairly nicely pulled together. I do appreciate that greatly. It was a treat to dig through so nicely packaged as it was.

What I got in the box other than the book was some strange cheap egg (maybe plastic???) and some little medal not sure what. The tea looks fabulous though and is clearly not cheap. The book too though the subject matter is very disappointing was new and in wonderful condition. It even won some literary award. I just am not interested personally in hearing people preach at me about communism. Other people may very much enjoy the subject matter and for them this box might be quite a hit.

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