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Pipsticks on Oct 2020

I was subscribed to the Petit Pro Pack which says 7+ sheets of stickers per month. (sheets can be a sheet or just a little mod, something I really don't like) Last month was the first time I ever received a + which made it 8 sheets and that is only because two sheets stuck together and I was subscribed for 9 months. However, I saw Grab bags in their store with 12+ sheets for the same price point I was paying for my 7+ sheets and decided to cancel my subscription. Even if those 12+ are all mods, still a better deal than the Petit Pro as far as I'm concerned. If they can put 12+ in a grab bag for the same price; I should be getting a + a bit more often for 7+ sheets in my subscription.
*Tiny mods count as one sheet of your included stickers and the Petit Pro Pack seems to include more of those than full sheets. The Pro Pack does get more full sheets and more often than not the + while the Petit Pro seems to get the mods and a full sheet or two; just something I've noticed comparing the two in online reviews and the Pro Pack almost always has the +. There should be a happy medium somewhere on that.
*The quote card you receive is nice and they've greatly improved the quality of the card in recent packs, (in the beginning a lot of...

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STICKII Club on Jun 2018

I love their themed packs, Cute, Retro and Pop themes. Their sneak peeks are great, you get a tease of that month's theme and you can change your theme from month to month on your account page if any month's sneak peek isn't something you want or another theme is something you have to have.
The amount of stickers you receive is a great bargain for the price and there is usually an extra "goodie" of a bookmark or sticky notes in the pack.
After being subscribed to another sticker service at the same price point and comparing what came in my monthly packs, it became clear that not only was STICKII a better value, but their themed packs get much more use than the random stickers.
Their customer service is amazing and they are very active on their Instagram feed as well. Prices in their shop are reasonable if you'd like a past pack or a couple of sheets from a previous pack, this is a company that cares about their customers and provides a great product at a great price.
An added bonus, if you would like to purchase more than one of their themed packs on any month, you can "gift" yourself with a one month subscription to the theme you'd like to receive in addition to your regular pack.

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