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Worth Every Penny!!!

Crated with Love on Jun 2021

My husband of 15 years and I have been completely locked down due to my being high risk. I haven't been able to leave the house in a year. In an effort to have more activities, we started ordering the boxes about 6 months ago. WE ARE LOVING THEM! They are so fun! We just completed the Greek box and it was awesome. We wore the laurel wreaths the whole time. We went to Greece for our 10th anniversary and this brought back awesome memories. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE BOXES FOR A FUN DATE NIGHT


Fun, fun time!

Escape the Crate on Jun 2021

This was everything we wanted it to be. Lots of puzzles, good level of difficulty and we solved it just under the time limit and didn't need any hints. Soooooooo great! Can't wait for next crate.

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King of the Mystery Boxes

Sleuth Kings on Oct 2018

My husband and I have tried every "escape room" or "mystery box" on the market. I have limited mobility and can't really do those in person escape rooms very well. But I'm a great big nerd and love puzzle solving. And this box is worth every penny. We look forward to our box each month. We've even ordered back months for birthdays and anniversaries. We get super excited about the follow up letters with little mini puzzles in them. There is an overall story line but each box is independent. The puzzles are just the right degree of difficult (99% of the time). Occasionally we use a hint, but not often, and we appreciate that we can get a hint without giving away the answer. We've recommended the box to others, and will continue to do so. Sleuthing is a fun date night for 2 or 4 (if you aren't enormous nerd puzzle solvers). Also, I now have a collection of Sleuth King folders that I use at the office. Gotta love bonus fun office supplies.

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Addictive and Fantastic

Sleuth Kings on Jul 2018

I knew this was a winner based on just the free starter case. Right up our alley. My husband and I got a taste and we were hooked. I bought two older cases for his birthday last month and we had a great time solving the mysteries. We are already trying to figure out which old case to order for our anniversary present to ourselves next month (it will be our lucky 13th anniversary). I think the best part about the cases is the follow up letter you get in the mail. It keeps you involved in the Sleuthing between boxes. We are loving this subscription. Can't recommend highly enough!

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