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Chocolate and book on Apr 2022

Great choice in literature and always accompanied by unique and delicious chocolate! One of my favorite things each month!

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Love at first box!

House Plant Box on Apr 2022

I have had two of my six months so far, and have been very impressed by the quality and uniqueness of the plants! Loving this subscription so far!

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Love this unique subscription!

House Plant Box on Apr 2022

I have been very impressed by the variety and quality of the plants I've received! The value is very high for the cost- I'm hooked!

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Very happy

Faithbox on Dec 2021

Faithbox provides a topic theme to explore and focus on each month, goodies in line with the theme, and a booklet (with supplemental youtube devotionals) for daily contemplation of the theme. It also provides an amazing community to support your journey!

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Life Changing Subscription!

Plum Deluxe Organic Loose Leaf Tea Membership on Jun 2021

No, I am not an exaggerator! I've tried a few tea subscriptions, and this one wins hands down. First, the tea blends are incredible! I thought I was a tooty, fruity, latte and sugar kind of tea drinker until I started receiving these teas. Many types of teas I would have normally passed on have become my go to favorites because of these blenders. Second, this business is AMAZING! Every employee I've interacted with is kind, thoughtful and very clearly making the world a better place. I have rarely experienced such personalized and individual attention as with this business. And last, but not least, the community built around this subscription is incredible. There are themed tea swaps you can participate in, outreach letter writing activities and an on-line forum of incredibly beautiful and generous people that make this world a brighter place! I cannot recommend this subscription enough!

Awesome experiences!

Murder Mystery in a Box on Jun 2021

The amount of detail and time that goes into these is incredible! The level of challenge varies significantly from box to box, and the types of puzzles vary widely as well! Everything from elimination/logic puzzles, to very advanced cryptology. When/if you get stuck, there is an amazing community that is very interactive with providing suggestions and hints. The company usually also provides a resource for hints. These are great for individual fun, or with a group! For those that stick around for multiple mysteries, you'll start to discover ties and connections, leading to an overarching meta mystery!

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History at hand!

Bookishly on Nov 2020

I love this subscription so much! The stationary was an afterthought for me- I was after the tea and the book, but I have come to cherish it as much as the others. They are beautiful, and I have made use of every piece I've received. I've had this subscription a year now, and never received the same piece of stationary twice! The tea has been excellent to be able to carry a high quality bag tea with for those work breaks or travel excursions, and has delicious, unique flavors. The book arrives beautifully wrapped, with a different bookmark each month. And they are vintage books, for sure! Some are in perfect condition, but some are very well loved. I've actually treasured my well loved ones even more than the perfect conditions- most often a penguin collection, but any type may show up, and often with intriguing looks into the lives of the times the book was published (canned dog food was discontinued during WWII- did you know?). This subscription has far surpassed any other book box I've tried!

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Wonderful idea!

More Than a Book Box on Sep 2018

I get the envelope subscription. It is a nice, affordable way to support someone who needs to know that they are special. I have been very pleased with the contents and the reminders for taking positive steps towards a positive life.

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