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Antony Scott Axe Legends gift boxes

Axe Legends on Aug 2021

My wife orders an Axe Legends box every month, and we have a ‘ritual opening’ of the box, whereupon we wait with bated breath to divulge the ‘mystery gift’ lurking within. Some of the Django and Pick Geek accessories have been incredibly handy and are pressed into use on an almost daily basis: the pen torch, patch lead, and capo, for instance, are really practical gifts. The pick holder key ring travels everywhere with me. The Pick Geek polish clothes are used every string change. I really enjoy collecting the Geepins guitar badges, tailored to the featured artist each month. I’m always amazed at the attention to detail present in each guitar pin. I also find the guitar lesson Cheat Sheets to be a handy resource for either capturing the flavour of a Legend’s style when recording, or for use in my own teaching. About the only thing included in the Axe Legends box that I don’t find useful is the Pick Geek set of plectrums: I’m a creature of habit and only use one make and gauge of plectrum exclusively. I do love the tins they come in, though! My wife, however, isn’t as picky as me and likes pilfering the prettiest ones to add to her collection! We are both extremely happy with the Axe Legends box sets and look forward to each month’s surprise featured guitarist.

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