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Great monthly box AND special editions

Celebrate States on Jul 2022

The monthly boxes have been a fun assortment of food items and home/kitchen items. I love that I have a state keepsake each month along with consumables that won't take up space. I have received things like a cutting board, candles, kitchen towels, a Swedish dish cloth, candle holders, a coffee cup etc. So far all the boxes I have received have been wonderful. I even ordered a special edition box and chose a flamingo theme. Customer service was very responsive and friendly when working out what I wanted for a special box. I think it was adorable!!! Top notch subscription. I highly recommend it.


Wonderful box. Well curated!

My Fragrant Life on Apr 2022

I just got the deluxe box a little over a week ago, even though I don't have the Soaks in the photo because I had it in use when I took the picture, and I cannot recommend this highly enough. I decided to add some natural reeds to my soaks bottle to put in the main bathroom. Then, we went away for 5 days. Upon returning home, my house smelled AMAZING! And, the only thing in use was this one bottle of Soaks with 5 reeds in it :-O
The rest of the box is also fabulous. What a lovely treat to myself this has turned out to be. And all without breaking the bank! I will thoroughly enjoy the items included for an at-home spa day. I really appreciate the care in curation of this box at such a great price. My hubby even commented on how much he liked the scent I got. Two thumbs WAY up!

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