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I love it!

Simple Loose Leaf Tea on Jun 2018

I have received a few months of Simple Loose Leaf Tea now and I love it! Each month I receive 4 new teas to try and I have yet to find any that I did not enjoy. There is quite a variety so it is fun for someone like me who is new to loose leaf tea and learning about the different kinds. Though they do supply write ups about the different types, I was so interested that I ordered some books about tea to learn more.

Loose leaf tea is 100% different than the kind you buy in bags in the store - so much more flavorful.

I have not tried other tea subscription services, but read articles by others who had and recommended Simple Loose Leaf Tea. Their prices compare favorably with other companies for what you receive although shipping is charged separately so my 9$ membership actually costs 12$.

I was suspicious of the little fabric bags they send for brewing the tea, but with testing found that they actually work better than my other devices because they are easy to load without losing leaves and the bags are better at keeping leaves out of the brew.

As a prior diet soda addict, Simple Loose Leaf Tea is making a healthier beverage option more fun and exciting.

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