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Box of Maine on Oct 2021

Very hard to understand from the stated interaction between Box of Maine website and Cratejoy what is happening with the subscription order timing. Said something about you could pick your ship date, or else it would ship out as all other subscriptions on the next 11th of the month. Never saw a place that I could pick an order ship date. I share the main email address with my wife, so having the, "Hey, a gift is coming for you!" email for the forthcoming shipment doesn't work well. I tried my best to mark this 3 month subscription as a Christmas present, but nowhere in the email nor in the box does it say that. I ordered the 3 month subscription on 10/21/21 (yep, early) so as to try to not get stuck with the supply chain problems that have been in the news lately. I had hoped to get a November, December, January type of shipment to cover Christmas. Though it is very nice to have an online order ship 4 days later, and arrive 7 days later, the timing is pretty screwy after what is described on the website. I REALLY hate thinking that I made a login for a Box of Maine website, but it is actually a Cratejoy website. I thought that I was buying from a 'local' Maine business.

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