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Helps Build Resilience

Superpower Academy on Nov 2021

The Superpower Academy Subscription box we received was focused on flight. We read the newspaper and story together and then used the activity guide to color, cut out, and build the glider. Once it was built, we did a couple practice throws to see how far it could fly. Once they were used to throwing it, we began recording the distances it was able to fly. We used a lot of math skills: counting, adding, measuring. We then talked about how the glider flies and how gravity and wind effects it, adding in some extra science. Afterwards, we talked about different superheroes who have flight, as well as real life people who are pilots, and comparing planes, jets, drones, gliders, and other flying machines. The main take-away from the story was to adapt to your situation. The boy in the story wasn't able to fly like his superhero parents, so he figured out a way he could. I stressed to my kids how important it is not to give up and to keep working towards your goal.

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