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Succulents Monthly on Feb 2020

Overall I like this box. I was a little disappointed because I was under the impression that each plant got it's own planter/display piece. (I picked the option with two plants) The directions literally said to lay the air plant next to the succulent.

It arrived quickly after my order mid-January. The plants were in great shape and the planter was attractive. Dirt did go absolutely everywhere when I opened the box though, so be careful! It comes with the potting mix to transfer your plant.

I look forward to seeing what the second box offers.

Updated 2/27/20:
Second box arrived and I love it! There was a small snafu with one pot, but customer service for this box is amazing. This box is a keeper.

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Order elsewhere!!

Manga Spice Cafe on Jun 2018

Let me start by saying I really liked this box. However, I absolutely do not recommend ordering from cratejoy. At the time of writing this review, it is 10 dollars cheaper to order from the company site directly. This makes a huge value difference in relation to the contents of the box. At the 49.xx that it will total out to on cratejoy, it is not a good value. Your three books average about 30 dollars and the various snacks, bought off sites like Yamibuy ( a great site for snacks. Better priced than Amazon by far) are usually $0.50-2.00 an item. They did not equal the difference of the 10 dollars. There is no benefit to ordering from cratejoy, other than to have your subscriptions in one spot.

Star decrease is because of the price difference.

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