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I'm a stoney babe forever

The Stoney Babe on Sep 2022

I love my stoney babe boxes. I was disappointed to read all the negative reviews so I thought I'd add a review myself. I bought the 6 month subscription and logged forward to it every month. I only let a few months go without a stoney babe box before I went online to buy another. The boxes are filled with cute little things each month. I don't use filters and I get those every month which is annoying. If you look at it like a one time fee, the next 6 months you get a surprise every month with girlie stoner things- some things you'll use, some things you won't or you will until they break but that's okay because it's fun and you're worth it. Pipes and mini bongs, trays, grinders, containers, roach clips and joint holders, earrings, stickers, sunglasses, pokers, flavored papers, cones and tubes. You could get anything from a troll lighter holder to pot leaf sunglasses (which everyone complements). Honestly i even love the stuff I'll never use (lv blunt cutter or glass filters). I think it's fun and it's worth it.

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