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A Mysterious Hobby!

Murder Mystery in a Box on Jun 2021

I was introduced to this subscription box in the Fall of 2016...I took my first steps into Forrest City and I don't ever plan to leave!
First, what this is not...It is not an RPG, a true-crime series, a horror mystery, science fiction stories, or a puzzle box...yet it is also all of the above!
These monthly mysteries take place in the mysterious, vaguely placed, Forrest City. This is a city that has seen inhabitants and mysterious since the original French fur trappers arrived in the 1600s and has only gotten stranger, more beautiful, and more deadly!
Each month you, as a resident of this city, receives a mysterious box as different forces in the city attempt to use you to solve crimes, uncover mysteries, and solve puzzles.
Each month is a self-contained story that is solvable with the contents of the box, and any websites, phone-numbers, or emails that you discover.
There are also over-arching mysteries (the meta-mystery) that delve into the history of the city and its denizens that really bring it to life. This is the part the brings me most into the game, as each month unlocks more knowledge, more ideas, and more speculation for me to add to my notebooks, murder-boards, and database!
You should be able to solve a box in anywhere from 1-4 hours in a small group, or 3-5 hours by yourself (depending on how quickly you use the internet to solve ciphers and puzzles versus decoding them...

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