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Matthew F.

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This is a scam, do not buy!

Trina Kay Co. on Jan 2022

I've sent the following message to the seller on 12/16/21, and have yet to receive any answer, "I received my first shipment with broken glass in the box. Overall the shipment was packaged very poorly, and one of the items was completely broken. There was less severe damage to several of the other items as well. This was a gift for my Wife, and I'm hoping/assuming that the other shipments will be packaged correctly. I will need to return this shipment however. How do I begin this process?". In addition to this, and upon further looking, the other "products" inside the box are mostly folded up pamphlet like documents that were undoubtedly free to the sender. I'd estimate that the value of the products inside this box would add to less than $3 in total. I'd consider this a scam, and something that has soiled the name of Cratejoy.

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