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Disappointing box, disappointing service

Murder Mystery in a Box on Jun 2021

I got this box and completed the mystery. It had a lot of potential, but some of the puzzle solutions were VERY illogical and unsatisfying. I voiced my concerns on a Facebook post of theirs, and the comment was promptly deleted and I was in fact blocked from commenting on the page ever again.
Their defense was that they asked "what did you ENJOY about the box?" and my comment was constructive criticism rather than sheer praise, and so I "didn't answer the question," which violated their (non-existent) guidelines. I think that's pretty absurd, but you can decide for yourself.
I also find their billing practices shady - their boxes ship out on the 21st, and you probably won't get them till the 27th or 28th. They charge for the next month on the 30th, so in all likelihood you'll be charged for the next month before you can even finish the first. Perhaps their business model is people like me, whom they can squeeze two boxes out of before they have a chance to react.
Your experience may vary. If the box was great, I would have let the weird customer service slide, and vice versa. Unfortunately not the case on either end.

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