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First box took forever, 2nd caught up

Japan Crate on May 2019

Updated as of the second month receiving this box - the content was awesome, I’ve special ordered (and had to search hard!) for several of the snacks I’ve gotten from these crates. The first month I ordered I did end up waiting about 7 weeks before receiving my box (ordered March 02 - they shipped my first box around March 20 and did not receive it until the 3rd week of April) but the second box I got the last week of April. I am waiting to see if this trend continues and it takes 1-2 weeks to deliver to my location in the western United States, or if that second box was expedited due to the huge lag in waiting time for my first box. I will continue my subscription, because the snacks are things you just can’t get where I am, and there is huge value to that for me!!

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