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Smugglers Crate on Jan 2022

I ordered this box (3-month subscription) as a gift for Christmas. At the time of ordering, I estimated the first box to be delivered either Christmas Eve or a day or two after. I followed up with the recipient of the box, and was informed it never arrived. I contacted CrateJoy support and they advised to contact the seller directly, as the seller did not provide any shipping information to CrateJoy directly. I contacted the seller asking for either an update or my money back and have not heard back from the seller. I'm now on the 2nd box, and again nothing has been received nor has any shipping information or confirmation been provided by the seller.
I should have probably looked at some of these reviews prior to ordering, but the good outweighed the bad in this situation and I knew the recipient of the subscription boxes is an avid Star Wars fan and this was such a perfect gift. Overall, beware of this seller and proceed with caution, as your package may not arrive on time or at all! If I am able, I will come back and provide an update if/when I hear back from this seller.

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