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Not the same quality as others boxes!

The Plant Club on Mar 2021

I never get the plants that other people get, or the same pots and the nice ones are always the ones shown on social media and their youtubers. I’ve asked them about this and they have said they don’t have enough plants to give everyone the same plant or pots. So not everyone gets the same quality. My plants and pots never match a popular YouTube that I follow and I always have cheaper, uglier things sent to me. It’s not worth the money. I’m not even getting a nice pot out of this and the plants always die because they don’t sent low light plants. None of their plants are real house plants that live in low light and house humidity.

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Pretty Good Box

Bubbles & Books on Nov 2020

I've been subscribed for 7-8 months now. The books and soaps are good products and I enjoy the products for the baths (soaks) when I get them, but most of the time you do not get "bath" products. So the items other than the book and soaps are a hit or miss. Some months I get tealight candles and a packet of tea, others I get a scrubbie, sometimes a face mask, but rarely do I get products to soak in the bath with other than a BAR of soap. Out of the 8 months I've been subscribed, I've gotten 3 bath products other than soap to use.
I'd say it's a good box to get if you want a book and a bar of soap, but the other items are a hit and a miss. Not everyone gets the same stuff in each box (for example, I had a Luxe subscription, so not everyone that gets a Luxe box that month will get the same book or the same products. It will be a hodgepodge mixture of whatever they have in stock for that box that month). So expect a different quality of items each month, the only consistency being your book and soap.

New Subscriber

Free Your Tea on Oct 2020

Shipping was quick and in an envelope (not a box). The tea sample I got had 6 teas, three of which I liked and rated as much. The other 3 seemed like good teas, just not teas that I like (minty and turmeric with bee pollen). Overall would try again as the teas I liked were great. I will be renewing!

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Great Service

Piquant Post on Jul 2020

Justin has been great with his service for my subscription. I'm on month two. The first month's recipes were Chinese food (five spice thighs, salt and pepper shrimp, cumin lamb, tangerine beef) and this month the theme is New Orleans. The recipes have tasted great from the first box and I can't wait to try the second. The A+ customer service Justin provides is what makes this box so great.


BookCase.Club on Jun 2018

Was told my package was shipped and given a tracking number. It's been a week or so already and there is no activity on the number. Contacted UPS and UPS said they never got a box to ship to me, just the notification... so no box was shipped, even though they are claiming it has been shipped... and now no email responses. Spend $40 as a 3 month gift. Want a full refund!

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No customer service!

Single Cup Club on Jun 2018

This company has no customer service whatsoever. I've contacted them on multiple occasions and they never respond. I've even contacted Cratejoy about their lack of communication. I ordered a 3-month gift subscription and never received an email that my boxes shipped out. Never got a response when I asked if the box was shipped and Cratejoy says that this company doesn't use any sort of tracking information for their deliveries. If I don't get my boxes I will be filing a complaint with my bank against this company, especially since they don't respond whatsoever in any capacity.

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First box!

and the Story Begins on Jun 2018

I received my first box today. The books are OKAY. From the synopsis I would only be interested in one out of two books. One is more a histrorocal fantasy and I’m not really into those, so that’s not really the books fault. As for the books, they are older books, one published in 2013 and one in 2014. They have low to medium reviews on Goodreads, a 2.98 and a 3.5. Sadly the one I was interested in is the lower rated book. The books are purchased from an overstock company because they have the black dot/stripe in sharpie on the bottom/top pages of the books. On Amazon, each book is priced around $5 with free shipping for a good used book. As for the packaging, the packaging is nice and thoughtful. I love the individually wrapped books, but I dislike the shredded papper inside. I have pets so they were super interested in the box and the little bits inside. All in all, it’s a decent box if you want older, lower to medium rated overstock books. I would never expect a 4.0 or higher book to come out of this box just for that fact and from what I’ve seen other people unbox on YouTube.

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