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5 boxes unimpressed and poor service

How To Be A Redhead on Jun 2018

I started my subscription in August 2016, which meant my first box was October. I specifically purchased at that time to receive the specially advertised "I'm really a Mermaid" bag. This had been advertised for the October box for months. So, what happens after they have my money and the October box is ready to ship? Sorry, not shipping the bag until November due to unforeseen problems. Difficult to believe, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and stayed on for the November box (which I should not have had to do, but, I wanted to see the bag). I kept the subscription although the items were not anything to write home about (with the exception of the special hair products box - that was overflowing and useful), but the February 2017 box and H2BAR response was just unacceptable. a b mineral powders (2) were in the box, and clearly stated they were manufactured in March 2015 and expired March 2017; the moisturizing spray expired in May, 2017. So, for three of the products in the box, they expired within 3-12 weeks of receipt. Obviously, these were products that simply did not sell and the manufacturer shipped them out the H2BAR to get rid of them. When I pointed this out to H2BAR on their Facebook page, they did a breezy, well we like products that expire because redhead skin is sensitive, and well, if I use all...

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