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Learn Real Art Skills

Classy Artist Box on Oct 2022

I've tried a few different arts and crafts boxes, kept them for 3 months and moved on. This is the only subscription I've renewed. I absolutely love it! There is a huge variety of mediums to try, so it never gets boring. I love not just having art supplies sent to me, but being shown how to use them. There are 4 projects every month with detailed instruction videos. The projects are the perfect level of challenge for me. They aren't overwhelming, but not so dumbed down that I don't learn anything (such as would be the case with pre-drawn templates.) I've been learning things like how to draw with proper proportions, layer from lighter to darker to build a piece of art, and blend and mix colours. Most of the materials are student grade (with a few fun surprises), but sufficient to complete each project and get a feel for the medium.

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