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Not reliable

Pipsticks on Feb 2022

This is the only company I’ve had a hassle with on here and so hard to get ahold of. They did finally respond to my question after being bothered by Cratejoy themselves but then after inquiring about having no shipping notification yet I get a notice that the order will ship a couple weeks late because they’re moving warehouses. Surely they knew they would be moving and could’ve sent out a notice to say the order would ship after Valentine’s Day or better yet update their listing for their boxes to tell an accurate ship date instead of an intentional “error” so that Cratejoy doesn’t tell them they need to ship it before an expected date. There’s plenty of other small businesses on here selling sticker boxes if you are sending it to someone for a special day.
Edit: to add the second round of trying to contact really made it obvious that they're blatantly finding ways around the Cratejoy guidelines of having to respond promptly to messages and ship by their set date by sending the automated "we'll get back to you soon" messages to look like they replied and make their response times look a lot better than they are. 9 days late for the "ship by" date with already delayed ship times is unreliable for a gift. Please follow the merchant guidelines or get off the platform because you make the whole site look bad and lose business for other smaller businesses by bending the rules to...

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Perfect gift

Baked by Coley on Feb 2022

Very cute Holiday/ seasonal themed treats.

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