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Different over time

Mindful-Souls on Nov 2022

I have had the membership for over a half a year. Some of the things I like, most of the items are very cheap. I think the longer I keep the membership, the longer I will get cheap items. I can get most items from local stores which does not seem special or curated. The bead bracelets are the most enjoyable. I do wear my bracelets daily, so I always want more of these, but the incense I can get down the street. I was not expecting a bath bomb as I do not have a tub for baths, lol. The last two necklaces do not fit unless I modify them, which seems ridiculous to me. One time one was completely broke, to which they did replace. The rings are no good. I cannot wear fake metals, so the chains and rings start to itch after a while. It is always fun to get a nice package every month, but I think if they spent more time on the actual items as opposed to packaging, they might spend more time on curating items. Maybe switch the bags to cute recyclable paper bags for the items, since you use so much stuffing in the box to protect the items, The affirmations are very nice and the mindful stickers are nice as well. But shipping broken items, items that don't fit and just regular items like incense is starting...

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