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Do NOT get this subscription!!

Project Box Monthly on Mar 2022

I bought this subscription from Project Box after searching for what looked like the best option to try. To say I was wrong is an understatement. The price with shipping is about $40 a month which would be fine if it wasn’t a complete rip off. The box I received wasn’t even in a box but a thinly padded envelope which did not protect the contents. The card stock was creased and folded by the time I got it. Then there was the contents themselves which added up to less than $10 worth of product. The only thing of worth, I thought, was a pack of oil pastels but after looking it up found that it was purchased for less than $5. The rest was 2 pieces of card stock cut to smaller sizes, an eraser, one craft stick, and another piece of card stock with shapes cut into it. That was literally it. To anyone reading this, save your money and get a legit art subscription box because this one is a total scam.

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