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I got bamboozled.

UnboxBoardom on Mar 2022

Very underwhelmed. In the video here it shows getting a game and extra little things, as a usual subscription box. Ordered my first box way before shipping date and thought I would get the last box available at least. Nope, had to wait about a month to get the new subscription. And all I got was a game. Kinda disappointed in the game options. 2 games I wasn't interested in at all. The last game option seems like it will be interesting, but it also appears like a 3 times to play game. Not a game you can repeat months later or on a regular basis. Very very underwhelmed. 2 more months to go though as I purchased a 3 month subscription. I feel like I could have went out and bought the game I was shipped for less than the price of the monthly subscription as I only received a boardgame in a box with paper cushion. I don't feel like I'm getting my money's worth and wasted my excitement waiting, especially a long time waiting just to get a board game.

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