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Hand crafted goods from around the globe

Wanderkarma on Jul 2020

I have LOVED every single item in every box there after I spoke with Jessica to let her know what type of items I would enjoy the most. The quality of item are just amazing. Each box comes with printed information about where your goods have been hand crafted and a little bit about the people who are making the items. I am torn now because I would love to continue this subscription. However, I already have several and need to watch the amount of money put out on boxes. I WILL be back. You have made me a very very satisfied customer. You are amazing Jessica!!!! If any of you shoppers are looking for an authentic culture box to receive some of the world without having to travel there yourself, this is your box!

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So much fun!

Fangirl Monthly on Jul 2020

My daughter received her first box today and was so excited. She is a fan of "fairytale" so she immediately put everything in the box on....even the key chain. This was a great box and I really enjoyed seeing her get excited about every item!

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Best box ever

Smartass and Sass on Feb 2019

This box is honestly the best box I have ever ordered. I love all items in all boxes. Now that I receive a t-shirt in the box as well, I have a wearable billboard letting people know exactly how I think . Most boxes are just too worried to be brash and not sugar coat their saying....smartass and sass is blunt and too true every time. I love all items and find that I can either keep the items or give them as gifts. The content is very much my personality that my friends would never guess I didn't hand pick the items for them.
If you like blunt naughty and no nonsense items, as well as a box worth the cost, this is the one to buy. BEST BOX EVER!!!!!

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Amazing value!

BookCase.Club on Jun 2018

I have received this box for several months and I was sort of unsure at first because it was very simple packaging without any flash or frills. After I thought about it, the books that I had been sent were great books and I don't need to pay for fancy wrapping that I would just throw away. The box remodel is great. I like the new look. I am very pleased with the value I get for the price I pay on this box. It is basically like getting a free book with the purchase of one. At some points, you are even getting that one you are paying for at a discount. This is a no frills, nothing but books subscription and I couldn't be more pleased. I recommend for anyone who loves to read and wants someone to pick something for them. I know I wouldn't have picked what I have been sent and I would have been missing out. Thanks to Bookcase club. Ya'll are awesome!

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No other can compare!

Smartass and Sass on Jun 2018

I love this box. I have gotten this sub box for awhile now and I have only been bummed once. I get compliments all the time on the items out and about. I just think the sassy and smartassy is the perfect amount. This last month was probably one of my favorite months. The quality of the eye mask as well as the saying was just amazing! There wasn't a single item this month that I wasn't totally giddy about! If you like being a little edgy and not so socially correct I think you should give this box a go. There is so much fun that goes into this box that I think you will enjoy it as much as I do. Not to mention, I've gifted my friends this box as well because after all, I shouldn't be the only one rocking the sassiness. This box is amazing!!!

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