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Not Worth It

The Stoney Babe on Aug 2022

Shipping is awful and there are a million excuses. They may or may not get back to you. I've yet to receive a piece that you can actually use without burning yourself. Most other items are very cheap. When it comes to papers/cones, most are repeats. A lot of it is cutesy stuff that would excite a teenage girl, not an adult. Signed in to my account to cancel and it showed nothing to cancel, said I ordered thru Cratejoy when I did not. Cratejoy confirmed that I did not purchase thru them, but were kind enough to help me cancel since Stoneybabe would not. Boxes are definitely not worth what they say it is. A struggle to even be worth the price you pay for one box. I strongly disagree with ones who say it's worth the wait. pot leaf necklace...exact same quality as a gumball machine piece of jewelry. Not just the jewelry either. Between the cheap pieces and shipping times...I'm out.

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