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OK Box

Confident-Crate on Aug 2019

The Box has a nice concept and would be a really nice box if it stayed true to it's policy and played up on it's name. So far I have paid for 3 boxes and received 2. The shipping policy states that the boxes ship during the first week of the month, That policy is not correct and should be updated. You are billed for your box a month in advance around the 2nd Friday of the month. However you do not receive your box until the last week of the next month. My first Purchase was on 5/24 and I received my box the last week of June, My second box was purchased on 6/12 and I received that box on 7/31 after sending an email to the company, My last purchase was on 7/15 I have not received this box or a shipment email. The quality of the box is okay at best. The first box is what was expected from the pictures on the site. My 8 year old loved it. My reasoning for getting the box was the mission statement on the website. It fit what I was looking for. The second box was not what I was looking for but it was really nice for an older child. I agree with Heather S. about the value of the box and it needing more items that say " Confidence" not just body items .

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Oh how wonderful it smells

Flora Baths | Organic and Herbal on Apr 2019

Let me just say this is my first box and I am in LOVE. It all smells sooo good. I was hoping to get a Rose Quartz to go along with this box as this month was the month of the pink full moon ... however i did love my box regardless to the point. You could smell everything before I even opened the box. Amethyst or Rose Quartz next box ? May is the Flower/Strawberry Moon. I am hoping to get some spring scents to relax in.

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Not as good as it was

VictoryBox on Apr 2019

Let me say I have had this box for over a year, and I ordered it for my S.O. He loved it. I recently canceled the box. After getting it for a year you would think it would continuously get better, but it didn't. It was great at one point. Now it is just okay and to me only worth it if you are trying to get your tie game up not if you are already established. Since the company has changed hands I no longer like it.

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