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Caution: International Shipping Invoices

Bibbidi Boxes on Aug 2022

Canadians/ International buyers beware. A secondary local shipping invoice from Fedex was generated after receiving my box, and shipping ended up costing more than the product. The contents are quality but the premium of international shipping was not worth it. Also the subscription was a gift so the invoice went to the recipient which was embarrassing! The curation process is a huge catalog of things and you are strongly encouraged to choose your favorites from an enormous selection of items. I opted not to personalize the order since it was a gift, but they noted in their system that those orders are filled last, and so it took over 6 weeks from my order date for my gift to be received. I'm comparing this experience to another less personalized box which I also gifted at the same time "Fangirl monthly". Shipping cost what was expected and it shipped within 3 weeks. I would recommend a Bibbidi box if you are living in the US and want to sift through a catalog to personalize the contents yourself.

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