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Overcharging for cheap baubles

Eartha's Cabinet on Jul 2022

I really wanted to love this box. Witchy themed jewelry? Yes please!
Unfortunately I was severely disappointed when the very first item I pulled from the box was a pair of howling wolf earrings identical to a pair I bought for $1 off of Shein. The info card claims they're $12. No. They're identical to the $1 pair I already own.
The moon phase necklace is pretty but feels extremely cheap. $16? Highly doubt that. It looks like something I could get off of Amazon for around $4-$5.
The amethyst bracelet....$12? Um...doubtful. I guess if it was maybe handmade by a small business I could see the price tag, but honestly it seems like a steep price for something that is mostly string. It's pretty & well made, but I don't buy the price tag.
I will wear the necklace & the bracelet as I do like them. I will pass the earrings off to a friend since I already own the same pair. I'm just mad that I paid $25 for a box of jewelry that I could have picked out for myself much cheaper elsewhere. I have cancelled my subscription. So disappointed. Save your money. This subscription is not worth it.

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