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Great products, bad customer service.

GeekGear on Jun 2018

They were not abusive, just unresponsive and impossible to get a refund from.
The day after I placed my order I cancelled the subscription but also emailed back and forth about cancelling the order itself. I did not get a reply to me cancellation note. This was the 28th of september and I just put it oiut of my mind apparently, because on october 17th I got a automatic email telling me my box was packed and would be shipped. Then I emailed them complaining and it was a lot of talk about how it was too late to cancel, but I did cancel in time and it was their own fault, and then I got standard replies from them showing not everyone who responded ro my emails actually read them properly. I sent them emails on the 17th and 20th of October that are still not answered. Then I got a email saying I should pick the package up, so I gave up and did(because I sort of wanted it anyway, but knew it wasn't in my budget, which I should have realized right away). The items were great, and despite the problems, I might order from them again. It's not like there's lots of Harry Potter boxes out there. Just grinds my gears they messed up and refused to fix it.
So, I hear geekbox is great when you actually want the damn thing, but apparently cancelling is not in the cards. I live in Sweden and am unsure how...

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Nice box.

ComicBoxer on Jun 2018

No problems.

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