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WOW, I would give six stars if I could

OddBlox on Jul 2020

I've never had such great customer service, ever. I cancelled at first because a coupon did not work--they refunded me the same day, *and* promised a special gift if I subscribed again. Well, I did (and for myself instead of my son, since he had another box, and I saw they had a women's cut available), and since I mentioned that I changed it from being for my son to being for me, they sent my son a FREE SHIRT in addition to my own!! <3 Wow. As to the shirts, they are very high quality and very much unique. LADIES take note that their female cut is great--it is true to size, but on the snug side (I love this in a t-shirt, if you go with the female cut and want it baggier, maybe go a size up); the male size is also true to size, but conversely, if you're a dude who wants a snugger fit, maybe size down. ANYWAY, this is one of the best subscription boxes I've had all around. The shirts, again, are truly unique--the one my son got had art that was relevant to the times in a way that, *clears throat*, I didn't quite get, lol (guess I am getting a bit older), so this is a great great gift for teens-20s; however, I am in my 30's and still loved mine. At the least, give this box a try; you won't regret it :D

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Love the little guys

Succulent Studios on Jul 2020

Super cute! We were very exited to get our box, and it did not disappoint! The plants were cute as can be, smart, also cute packaging, great experience, thanks!

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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! They go the extra mile

mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription on Jan 2019

As said, these guys go the extra mile. I got the black box, and am especially happy as the bonus items went so perfectly with the jewlery and my own personal style! (I was thinking, how did they know these colors--of the lipstick and cool hair band specifically--would suit me, lol?! It's either a coincidence or based on my choice of rose gold, which indicates a warm skin tone or preference. Either way, they nailed it!) The jewlery is just lovely, it all goes together so well--I have been wearing it since I got it!! FINALLY, with a subscription comes discounts at the store and other bonuses! Wow. This is the best subscription box I've ever signed up for--I really can't wait for the next one :D

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Love it!

Basic MAN on Jan 2019

This is for my son, and he just loves it! The socks are super high quality (and cute!!), and the shirt and boxers are super soft and have held up great so far! The clothes true to size (but if between sizes, I'd say go up). Anyway, this is such a fun way to get my son stocked up on the exact type of clothing he never has enough of! Yay :D

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