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Not really want I wanted

Wild Woman Box on Feb 2022

I subbed because I wanted more outdoory type items. I'm somewhat new to the whole hiking/camping business and just thought a box would help me get those little nic-nac type things. I got three boxes last year and was on the fence after each one. That final box was a hat and I felt that was a sign. Then I decided to give them another try and ... got another hat. Hats are fine but not what I want in a hiking box. LOL. I dunno. The theory is great and I liked the snacks but I've been very underwhelmed by the boxes. My first box was great but the rest (especially the last two) have been lackluster. So it wasn't for me but it may work for you.

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HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Jun 2021

This box is cute. I actually really like the contents, for the most part. My only issue is that the box (I got the normal box) is simply not worth how much you pay. I'd say it's not even worth half of what you pay, which is a little sad, considering the whole "hope" thing. I waited a second month, thinking that the first might be an off month box (it happens) and I have to say I got less for my money with this one. In it I got a knitted wristband, knitted pumpkin, soap, a small candle, earrings, a little bag full of lavender, some face spray, and some cards. Not anywhere near $50.

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The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

I write this after having received my 3rd box. This is my absolutely favorite subscription. The items are many and the boxes are packed. It's just very beautifully done and put together. An example of what I got this month: charged candles, loose and stick incense, a necklace, a beautifully illustrated page from a BOS, bath salts, a lion paw shell, dried rose, two different types of oils, two or three different kinds of loose dried herbs, etc. It's just very nicely put together.

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