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A+++ customer service!

Barbella Box on Jul 2020

I received my first BarBella box a couple weeks ago, and was first off immediately impressed by the quality and quantity of the items included.

Then, I had been a little nervous when subscribing, about the sizing on apparel— I tend to hover right between sizes, and since your profile is set to only one size per category, I knew I’d probably run into an item that didn’t quite fit sooner or later. Sure enough, I needed to exchange the apparel item in the first box, and I dreaded making the request... but it was SO easy!
I emailed customer service with my request, and someone responded super fast with instructions for an easy switch. Then there was a little bit of confusion about the replacement so I emailed again, and the same kind person responded (I think it’s great when one rep takes care of your issue the whole way through so you don’t have to keep explaining yourself) and was so helpful and understanding, and came up with a solution that I felt was super generous.

I am confident going forward in my BarBella subscription that I will be taken care of as a customer, so I don’t have to panic if the item in the box doesn’t fit or something is wonky, which is a huge relief. I’m really looking forward to the different goodies and all the brands (which, from looking at past boxes, are all high quality and respectable in their own right) in future boxes!

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