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Lot of stickers for the money

Bolderbon's Planner Sticker Subscription on Apr 2022

I get the Ultimate box & it came with 10 1/2 pages of stickers. The theme matched throughout and I find myself using these month after month.

March's Box was good

Sticker Guru on Jun 2021

I have gotten a lot of sub boxes - with many of those being stationary & sticker subscriptions. I also have read a lot of reviews - and prefer reviews that quantify what you receive - written from the reviewer - not the "marketing" ...
So, for Sticker Guru - I really liked the colors of the March kit. I have the "Deluxe" package which for March included: 1 paper clip, 4 individual pages from different shops & 3 page March specific kit, 3 page "month generic" kit & 6 page mystery kit with colors matching all the other stuff. It is a good deal if you have shopped prices of "kits" in Etsy stores ... if you do the math this comes out to roughly $2 / page. I think it is worth it & look forward to the April kit!

Not as good as competitors ....

Pipsticks on Oct 2020

Whether you love this box, or like this box will depend on what you are looking for.
If you want a variety of different sticker designs .... "normal" stickers (keep reading & it will make sense - promise) ... this kit is packed with those.
If you are into "planner stickers" - although the Pro states it is for planners, they are only for the deco component of planning. There are NO functional stickers that I have found & I have been a subscriber twice (last term around a year & this time, thus far - 3 months). I only joined back because they specifically spoke about the adult version being for planners ... and they are not.
Now - this is not a knock on the owner. It is very obvious she tries very hard. The intro book you get at the start of your subscription is great as well. But if you are looking for stickers that are hand-drawn or planner functional stickers - this is not the subscription for you.

Verified Purchase

Worth it!

Violette Sticker Club on Jul 2020

The stickers are beautiful (as many others have said). What I like about this subscription - unlike other, more well-known sticker kits (not planner-specific sticker kits) - some of Violette's stickers are made by them. So no one is going out and buying a bunch of generic stickers from various companies & that is all you get .... no, you get several with the Violette name on them. I am very happy to support someone's art - which is what this is, whether it sticks to something or not.

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