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Brian J.

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Yeah it’s a FLAMETHROWER!!!

Club Tac on Dec 2022

Have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed with the first box. Yeah it had some good items, yet it had some not so good items. Kind of felt cheated a little, but I figured because a hurricane blew through the area they’re located, I’d hang in to see what next month would bring. November came in, and was on its way out, and no box. Decided to call customer service to see what’s up. Come to find out they had been waiting for a product for Novembers box, and Club Tac just shipped my box out the day before. Was told that this box was epic in nature, and I would NOT be disappointed. What a long three days waiting for today for delivery of my box. Ok I see UPS back in my driveway, and I start jumping around my living room while the driver walks up with a large box in hand. With box, and my favorite knife in hand I cut the box open, and my eagerness on edge I open the flaps……..It’s a F_€£!ng FLAMETHROWER!!!! Cannot wait to see what Decembers box will bring. Hope they can keep pace with this once in a lifetime box.

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