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Books and ???

The Golden Years on Jun 2021

Every month you get a book and several items that match the theme. If you like reading, ENJOY!
Most of the items that go along with the theme for the month can be purchased at your local Rite Aide or Walmart store.

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What A Disappointment!

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2021

I received my box today. I'm sorry, but I can write down my own declarations of "Self Love" on a tablet of paper. I don't need to pay for a blank book of lined paper!
I also don't think that 12 little teabags with silly titles like "Hangover" and "Sex" are fitting for women who have lived well beyond the days of Hangovers.
The tote is nice, but I already have 10,000 tote bags in my closet. I am armed and ready to buy groceries for about a million people at this point. Who needs more tote bags?
I'll use the spray or my linens. That's about it. I don't think I'll renew my subscription to TheraBox next month.

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So Disappointed!

Explore Local Box on Jun 2021

As much as I love the idea of this box, the items are NOT worth the price!
For Kentucky we got a deck of cards, a bar of soap, a tablespoon of mint sugar, three pieces of candy, and a candle. Really?! Oh! And a soap holder made from cheap wood.
I’m sorry, I wanted to LOVE this box and look forward to receiving it each month. I am so disappointed.

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It Warms My Heart!

Anchor of Hope Box on Jul 2020

I look forward to receiving my Anchor of Hope box each month because it's always the highlight of my day/my WEEK! A heartwarming story always comes with the description of each item, and I find myself smiling for several hours after opening my box and reading about the people who crafted the items.
The items are not only handmade, but are very useful. They are also worth much more than the price of the subscription. If you were to buy things like these at an art gallery or import boutique, you could expect to pay at least two or three times as much.
You won't be disappointed in Anchor of Hope. And if you receive an item that isn't exactly your 'style', I'm sure you will know someone that would appreciate it as a gift.

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So Much Awesomeness!

Indulge Bath & Body Box by Exterior Indulgence on Jun 2018

I received my first Deluxe box today, (on a Sunday!), and I am thrilled with its contents; the bath tea bags, the shower gel, the powder, the handmade lavender soap, the lip balm, and MORE!
I work long hours, and I never take the time to shop for little things to pamper myself. This box is perfect for women like myself! Everything in the box is a full-sized thing of loveliness! In fact, I could smell the calming scents from the box when I opened my front door and saw it on the porch.
I subscribed to just one box on a whim, but I'm going to subscribe to a full year when I can figure out how to do so!

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