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Excellent Puzzle Box

Sleuth Kings on Oct 2019

It's taken me too long to write a review, since I've been subscribed for so long now, but this is my favorite subscription box by far! I always have a great time trying to solve each month's case with family and friends, and the "interactive" element with Sullivan adds a fun immersive twist to the experience. Cases could probably be solved alone, but it's a lot of fun to work with others. I really like that some cases have callbacks to previously encountered characters or events, and that the puzzles and clues are always fresh and different. Sometimes the difficulty of the puzzles can vary from month to month, but there's a good hint system built into the box, and the team behind Sleuth Kings is very helpful and responsive. I was missing something in a box once and the issue was solved quickly and professionally. I also appreciate that if you're on a month-by-month plan you can skip a renewal if needed without otherwise adjusting your subscription. Overall, a fantastic experience that you should try if given the chance!!

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