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waiting to be wow’d by this subscription

Henny+Roo on Jul 2019

I keep coming back hoping to be wow’d. I haven’t been yet.

The July box
1) The respiratory cream, or whatever it is, is okay. I’ll add it to my emergency box of chicken meds.
2) Leg bands are cute, however I only have 7 chickens and they are easily identifiable. So, I don’t use these.
3) Shipping was relatively quick (but expensive).
4) $1 coupon for Tractor Supply is cool.

1) That weird, glittery star is disgustingly tacky. I wouldn’t be caught dead with that on my coop as decor. To Goodwill it goes.
2) I don’t understand the medical bag? Is that for emergencies on the go? Is that a thing? I already have a box for all my First Aid chicken needs. This is just something “cutesy” that is a waste of space.
3) Although the full size bag of treats is cool, I don’t feed my chickens junk like peanuts and raisins. A healthier treat would have been better, for me anyway.

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