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disappointing box

Sensory TheraPLAY Box on Mar 2019

I keep getting let down by the boxes I order. This is a high priced box with very cheap toys. I am very sad, shocked, and offended. The pictures of the boxes do not match the quality of the content received. 5 items that probably cost less than I was charged to ship them. I am becoming disenchanted with subscription boxes. I was definitely fooled by the reviews and the photos. Will not be renewing this box either.

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cute, but not worth the money

Craft + Boogie on Feb 2019

The box arrived today. I was expecting a bit more. The box was half the size of a regular monthly crate and the supplies were sparse. A paper plate, a few pipe cleaners, a wooden dowel, a glue stick, a very cheap set of watercolors in flimsy plastic, and a few misc. things. I guess I expected more after seeing the reviews and other boxes I have received had supplies that were worth $28. This one missed the mark.

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The best box ever

Kindergarten Crate on Jan 2019

I love this box. Every month is full of excellent ideas and the stuff needed to complete it. It even includes gifts for the teacher. The t-shirts alone are worth the price. And the sizes come in big girl size too! I highly recommend this box!

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I have no idea what happened

Learning Crates on Sep 2018

The first few crates were fantastic. This last crate was the most disgusting thing I have ever gotten in the mail. The box was inside another box, but the inside box was covered in hair and not the nice kind. It smelled as if it had been sitting on the floor of a public restroom. The stuff inside was dirty. I threw most of it away. I dont know what happened, but they have gone downhill. I have no choice but to cancel.

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Tiny box, sample size items NOT worth it

Mom Time Delivered on Jun 2018

I will be Cancelling after my first box. This was supposed to be a gift to myself. I searched through so many subscription boxes on Cratejoy to find the right one that would help me spend some time for myself. I have a medically fragile daughter and I have never spent time for myself. Every day for 14 years 24-7 has been devoted to my child. I knew I needed something and I thought a monthly gift to myself would be it. I was wrong. This was an insult!

1. There was one nail file with some kind of tiny oil brush that is broken. I twist the end but no oil comes out on to the brush. It is about 10 drops of oil. It would not last more than a day. Obviously a sampler.

2. ONE bath bomb, with a hair and what looks like a bug stuck to it.

3. A tiny jar of what was supposed to be moisturizer. It smells like dirt. Even my child said it smells like dirt. And it is not enough to cover one person.

4. One package of biscotti (two cookies) that expire in September.

5. A small section of goat soap. Not a full bar. It smells weird too.

There is no way the sum of this products cost near $30. I am shocked that...

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