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Priced too high for what it is

Paws & Claws Kit LLC on Jul 2020

So far not impressed with a $30 price tag. I wanted to open the box with my cat and a wire feather teaser sprung out and hit my cat in the face sooo already off to a bad start. Nothing spectacular here...1 cheap wire wand feather teaser with a little bell, 1 small can of cat food, 1 two portion package of wet food, 1 med sized fish kicker toy (which I just threw one out exactly like it bc my cat could care less about it) 6 plastic jingle balls, 3 crinkle balls, 3 rattle mice with feather. So maybe approx $20 worth of stuff. I ordered bc the pictures looked like a pretty decent selection of stuff, while most of what I got is dollar store toys....I'll give it one more try but so far I feel like I got ripped off

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