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Very happy subscriber

Escape the Crate on Dec 2022

I've been a subscriber for over a year, and have enjoyed every single game! Most of them I do on my own, once in a while I'll do it in person with a partner, and sometimes I'll play on zoom with my sister (we'll each buy the same box and play that way).
It's amazing that after playing so many of their crates they still come up with creative puzzles to solve -- it doesn't get routine after a while ("oh, here's another one of the ___ kind of puzzle"). The quality of the materials is (for the most part) very high. I've only been disappointed with some of the games where they substituted a xeroxed page for a glossy one -- it can be very hard to read the xeroxed pages.
Customer service is amazing. I emailed them on New Year's Eve because I couldn't find one of the props in my box (the ONLY time that's happened). They responded within minutes with a photo of both sides of the props so I could continue playing.
I really enjoy these games and I'm so glad I'm a subscriber.

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