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Just Stunning ....

Novarena Box on Jul 2019

Beautiful pieces , a must have for the African deco collector... stunning African mask — Amazing African Elephant 🐘 all wooden hand carved pieces just gorgeous all for an amazingly low monthly price , I love it .. WTG Novarena !!!!


I'm in sticker heaven ;))

Snail Mail Sticker Club on Jun 2019

What an amazing package of joy to receive.. i'm in sticker heaven, these stickers are stickers i could not have found anywhere around here where i live they are simply adorable . I have not seen scratch - n - sniff stickers since since i was a child and i am so thankful to have received them ty for taking me back to my childhood i am truly grateful for the memories you have brought back for me .. what a wonderful monthly blessing this was .....


Brightened my day

Sunny Day Box on Jun 2019

What an amazing, uplifting box this was very well packaged. Presentation was perfect all items that were in the box went well together what an amazing box , I would purchase this box again


Wonderful smelling box of goodies 🥰

StephaniesHomemadeCo on May 2019

Absolutely amazing box definitely need to order myself some full sizes of their wonderful all natural bath and body products.. This box arrived packaged so carefully, the presentation was perfection at its finest...The bath an body products in this beautiful box were so well made and smelled divine I highly recommend this wonderful smelling box of relaxation— grab a book and a candle and have yourself a spa day with this box because it’s that amazing !!!!!


Great gift for every gramma ;)))

Grandma's Joy Box on May 2019

Great box , awesome project easy to follow instructions even for the youngest child an amazing box would definitely get this box again


Great box

Unboxing the Bizarre on Apr 2019

Awesome box !!!

Tears of joy !!

Mermaid Tears on Mar 2019

What a Beautiful box , this was a welcomed break from the normal beauty boxes i normally do on my unboxing channel ... this wonderful craft box full of treasures from the sea , reminded me that i still like to do arts and crafts and i should get back to it .... in the end with the help of Mermaid Tears i created a beautiful sea shore inspired picture frame with all the supplies i needed to complete the project included in this months box including the glue gun !!!! it turned out amazingly if your a crafter you will need this box its an amazing box to receive every single month don't think twice about it get it now .... thank you Mermaid Tears your amazing


Brown Sugar by Kesha Janaan on Mar 2019

Great box with great products . I received this box sometime ago , and waited to write the review so that I may test the products and I am glad I did these products are amazing - the lip scrub finally freed my lips from the chapped lip syndrome of winter that they were in and the facial scrub let my skin shed the dryness of winter and welcome spring skin 😊 this box was a breath of fresh air I highly recommend this box for anyone who wants a fresh new skin regimen without all the “big” words no one can pronounce any way .... great box

Great little box !!!

Sprinkles & Wishes on Mar 2019

This box was sent to me for review. I was delighted to see the big surprise that this little box had inside of it... The beautiful handmade bracelets, the lovely cards, awesome stickers and twinkle lights packaged with so much care and consideration just an all around wonderfully uplifting box a treat for all to receive ...

Very nice

Until Midnight on Jan 2019

Until Midnight was a nice box , but some of the items weren’t for me but all in all a very nice book box and I’m sure this box will progressively continue to rise to the top of the book subscription box market and be the very best out there I will definitely keep my eyes on this box and revisit this box in the near future great box great book ty so much for sending me this box

Best jewelry box ever

mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription on Jan 2019

Mintmongoose is the best jewelry box hands-down the curator of this box is very hands-on and very on top of everything that has to do with her box the jewelry is top notch beautiful very well-made very well designed on time shipping best price beautiful beautiful jewelry if you don’t get any other jewelry box you definitely need to get this box and just in time for Valentine’s Day get your sweetheart a box of jewelry by mintmongoose today

Verified Purchase


Enlightened Warrior Book Club on Jan 2019

this box was quite an uplifting and encouraging box love everything in the box and the book will come in handy ty so much for sending me this box... highly recommed this box its a must have for any avid reader

Superb Succulents

Succulent Studios on Jan 2019

Succulents Studios was a huge hit on my YouTube channel, everyone loved them including me. The succulents arrived very carefully packaged, none of the four succulents were damaged all were healthy. Weeks later these amazing plants are thriving and are as beautiful as the day i received them. Thank you succulents studios.

Scents amazing

Clean Couture on Dec 2018

Clean Couture was an amazing scent surprise , the scents were strong but subtle , The soaps make your skin feel refreshed and soft didn’t dry my skin out which is a plus , definitely recommend this scentsamazin bath box

This box is seductive ....

Novel-Erotics on Dec 2018

Novel-Erotics , was a pleasure 😉 to receive... This sexy subscription box has amazing products that are high quality, carefully packaged with care and individually wrapped for you to use without any worries of damaged items in your unique storage (box) book . No more worries that someone might see your personal bedroom items they are carefully tucked away in this amazing storage box that people won’t think twice about it being any more than a book on a shelf . A definite must have for any adult to store their adult toys —- Novel Erotics

Pamper yourself, yes please !!!

The Pamper Hamper on Oct 2018

This box was amazing , i loved everything in and about it .... this wonderful box came to me -- so well put together, presentation beyond anything i expected. The soaps smell amazingly delicious, and feel amazing on the skin. This box is a must have if you like handmade/homemade soaps with love poured in as well .... The Pamper Hamper will not disappoint you......

Not what i expected....

Sending Spoons on Oct 2018

I had high hopes for this box,and it was just not for me .

Verified Purchase

A walk down”candy” lane 😊

Classic Candy Box on Oct 2018

This box was a super hit for me and my subscribers this box is everything i ever imagined the care and consideration right down to the packaging was above and beyond ... the items were top quality, and for the first time in any subscription box i can use every single item in the box which is amazing , if you are contemplating getting this box don't contemplate any longer this box is a must have in your home .... get it right now dont wait !!!!


Love Yours Box- Self-Care Subscription Box on Oct 2018

This box was a super hit for me and my subscribers this box is everything i ever imagined the care and consideration right down to the packaging was above and beyond ... the items were top quality, and for the first time in any subscription box i can use every single item in the box which is amazing , if you are contemplating getting this box don't contemplate any longer this box is a must have in your home .... get it right now dont wait !!!!!

Handbag heaven

THRIFT-A-BAG on Sep 2018

This box was heaven to me all my bags came clean absolute perfect condition one of them was even brand new the value of it was $89 for one a handbag this box is amazing the curator of this box is amazing and the handbags were amazing I am in heaven with this box I am obsessed

Great Box

Universe Bound on Sep 2018

This book box will leave you speechless I was so happy to receive this box after I opened it I understood the care the curator of this box put into this wonderful box it is a great box so many little added touches the candles amazing the candy was delicious the book is a great book so far way to go great job I see your box doing very well


Heart N Soul on Sep 2018

This box was amazing, the smell coming from this box it was like being in a lemon orchard . The body wash works fantastic, the sugar scrub was fantastic ...the bath bomb , just pop it in the warm water and soak and enjoy.. absolutely amazing a must have for your bathroom and your bathtub great box ❤️

The best chocolate ever !!!!!!!

Jackie's Chocolate on Sep 2018

This is hands down the best chocolate I have ever had ......
This chocolate came carefully package in thermal packaging so as to not melt and it wasn't melted it was perfectly cared for absolutely the most wonderfully tasting chocolate ever if you haven't tried it well what are you waiting for get yourself some you won't be disappointed 😀

This box is magical 🧙‍♂️