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Cheap junk in a box – DO NOT BUY

Men's Accessories Box on Jun 2018

This subscription box is worthless. I chose the "professional" box and no person in an office who wants to keep their job would wear any of these items to work. Received my first box and I would never choose to spend my money on any of these items nor would I ever wear any of them. The tie is unstylish (flat bottom, no point) and feels cheap and tacky made of some strange fabric. I got a lapel pin which was made of green and yellow felt stuck together with visible glue in the shape of a flower, looks like it was made by a child, and the colours go with nothing. No human adult would wear this anywhere, ever. The cufflinks were cheap knockoff Star Wars symbols. Wasted my money and I strongly advise you not to do the same! Many better options available even if they are a little more expensive!

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