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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly on Aug 2018

im always so excited to see what goodies I will get. The orders always ship and arrive as expected. Packaging is nice and a lot of bang for your buck! Even better, as an international susbsciber, I do pay quite a bit more than domestic subscribers, however, this week it was announced that the shipping had been dropped by roughly 40% the price I was paying! My only complaint is that sometimes the jewelry can be quite young. The lilo and stitch box was all suited for an 8 year old girl though most of their jewelry on their website is a bit more mature. I am interested to see if there are some more mature pieces coming as I love to wear little fandoms to my office job in order to brighten it up :) oh and I LOVED my Jurassic park box which is the first one I got!!! 😍😍

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