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Tried it, not going to reorder

Dressopedia on Dec 2020

The box used invisible wrapping tape to seal the box closed and that felt inadequate considering it was bulged a bit from the contents.
Mostly this felt like sending my grandmother to Walmart with money for clothes. Sizes were a bit large when I tried one of the dresses on, though I appreciate the note that the sweater runs in strange sizing so not to stress the label. One item was just a solid color (teal) long sleeved, crew neck shirt. The intake questionnaire asks many good questions, so this felt almost random.
I feel like any of the descriptors they ask for were ignored and the quality of half of the items was subpar. The items pictured on the Cratejoy description page are not reflective of the experience I had with the box. I should have guessed given they are not boxes being curated, previewed, or opened, just stock photos of clothes.
The choices also definitely didn't create an outfit of any kind or appear to coordinate.
I'm glad I tried out a new business. If you're considering signing up, maybe reaching out to your stylist or providing a bunch of social media examples is the key to personalization.

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