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Coloring And Classics on Apr 2019

I have found that taking 30 or so minutes to recenter and focus myself with a quality book or simply quietly coloring has made an enormous difference in my quality of life! I am a working mother of 3, and on the days I can manage to take a breather with coloring or doing "brain work", I am so much better able to be present and calm in the middle of my family's chaos. The classic books that come in this box are always high-quality literature that are worth my time, and I love the adult coloring books as well as the activity books. This subscription is a real "quality of life" issue for me and I consider it a vital part of my own self-care. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

My kids love it!

Our Little Book Club on Feb 2019

We just received our first box, and my kids were thrilled! They were so excited to get a package addressed to them (I have two kids at different levels, so I ordered a subscription for each of them). My daughter (9 years old) was so excited to get her books, and my son (age 6) was very happy too. I can't wait to get our box next month! The value is fantastic, I could never have purchased all these books for this amount. I am very pleased with our subscription and can't say enough good things about it!

I love My Thrill Club!

My Thrill Club! on Feb 2019

Okay, first of all, go follow this guy on social media, he posts hilarious and creepy things all the time! And the subscription is totally awesome: every month I get books I wouldn't have picked for myself, and I've loved almost every single book they've sent. I love my subscription so much I bought one for my sister and my best friend too! Subscribe NOW, you won't be disappointed!

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My First Reading Club on Feb 2019

My son is in kindergarten, and he has just started reading. He is SO excited to get his box with new books in it every month! When he sees that it has come, he makes me drop what I'm doing so that we can sit down and read his new books together. MFRC has given my son a love for reading I never knew could happen!

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I love it!

My Coffee and Book Club on Jan 2019

Purchasing a subscription to this club was my gift to myself, and I LOVE it! I love to read, and I love coffee. But I only like good books, and bad coffee is worse than no coffee at all (gasp!). This box delivers good coffee AND good books. Every month, it's my treat to myself, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read and loves coffee too.

So good for my kids!

My First Reading Club on Jan 2019

I just want to say that my kids LOVE getting their books every month! I have twin boys in kindergarten, and both of them are reading better than any of the other kids in their classes. They practice reading at home with the books they get every month, and it makes such a difference! Thank you MFRC!!

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Great value!!

My First Reading Club on Oct 2018

My kids love getting their books! It's always high-quality books, plus an activity book, and the books--and service--are MORE than worth the price. I have found these people to be very responsive to any concern. I love that my kids are so excited about reading! A+++

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I love it!

My Thrill Club! on Aug 2018

I've been a member of My Thrill Club for a few months now, and it's awesome! I even got a subscription for my mother for her birthday. It's an incredible value and the customer service is always fantastic; the one problem I had with my address was handled quickly and with zero drama. I love it!

Excellent for kids, excellent service!

My First Reading Club on Jul 2018

My kids LOVE getting their box every month, and are finally excited to READ. My 5-year-old starts kindergarten next month, but he is already reading because of the books we get each month! The customer service is spot-on, too; they always get back to me really quickly whenever I have a question. Once, I didn't like one of the books that I got, and they sent me a new one for free!

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My kids LOVE it!

My First Reading Club on Jun 2018

I have 3 kids, and they look forward to getting their books every month. They love the books themselves, and there's always a coloring book or activity book plus a little gift for me too! Customer service is also EXCELLENT; they get back to you almost immediately! Overall, this is a fantastic value for something that's really good for my kids. What more could a mom ask for?

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Best customer service ever!

My First Reading Club on Jun 2018

I am really impressed by the customer service this company has shown me over my subscription. We received a box that had books in it my children hated, and I emailed the company to let them know, so maybe they could improve the selection in the future. The rep then sent me a brand new box with new books, at no charge! These people really care about what they're doing and making kids happy.

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Fantastic value!

My First Reading Club on Jun 2018

My kids love getting their book box every month. There are always 3 books plus and activity book AND a little something for me too! Not all of the books are always a hit with my kids, but they're always quality books, and my kids love most of them. (*I* like the books too!) For the amount of money we spend to get our box each month, there's no way we could purchase that many books PLUS an activity book. It is a fantastic value and my kids love it!

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