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Spiffy Socks - Amazing Bamboo Socks on Jul 2020

Update! They just debited another $32! They refuse to cancel! I've had zero feedback from them. Over priced socks and won't cancel when you cancel! Cancelled twice and they got at least another $67 from me. I'll shoutfrom the rooftops if they don't make it right. This is ridiculous when you give a company your card and they abused it. It could be an honest mistake and if it is, they'll make it right. And if it is an honest mistake I'll be glad to change this review but I do feel like the socks are not worth the price. I was a little disappointed when I saw what's socks they were getting. They're just ok. Cute, but nothing special. She said there were holes in the toes of one pair within one month! I've had cheap socks that don't have holes in the toes!

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