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Excellent Mystery Box!

Deadbolt Mystery Society on May 2019

I came across The Deadbolt Mystery Society when talking with subscribers of another subscription box. The discussion was how much people loved this box. I decided to try it. I ordered a stand alone box to try it out and was blown away! In depth storytelling, fun puzzles and pure detective work. I solved it and immediately ordered another box and decided to subscribe. I was most impressed when I reached out to customer service. I waited too long to order Infected and it was past the cut-off date. I reached out to service because it never hurts to ask and they went above and beyond to take care of me! I ordered another stand-alone and got stuck and they immediately helped with hints. I am so impressed and so happy to support these amazing people. The boxes include physical items, case notes, puzzles, hint files, and some outside links and QR codes. The puzzles are fair and everything makes sense. The case lasts one box so you do not do serial cases that take months to finish. If you enjoy puzzles, case work, analysis and great storytelling, world building and in-depth characters, this box is one of those things that will add value to your life. I am also a chronic overthinker and this gives direction for that energy reducing anxiety and is very relaxing. Try them out ASAP!

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Best Box Ever!

Smartass and Sass on Feb 2019

I have been a subscriber for a while, and this is one box I do not skip no matter what. First, Abby and Kim love their customers and are always looking for feedback for what we want and if there is ever a problem it is resolved the moment you hit send. Second, the items are super sassy, practical and high quality. Third, laughing is good for the soul and these items are hilarious! If this sounds like something you love, do not wait..order
now..and get the BIG box because the t-shirts are awesome!

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Chasin' Unicorns on Sep 2018

I love this box and the curators especially! You can tell everything is selected with love. I really needed some TLC and this is perfect!

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Scribbler on Jun 2018

Scribbler started as a thought as in "I wish a subscription box was available for my writer hubby". Like clockwork, Scribbler debuts in my Facebook feed. I thanked the Universe and bought the first box immediately. My hubby loved it. The curators even included a beautiful message inside the box. The writing passports are fantastic and I love how a book is included that demonstrates the best of the best in the lesson for the month. This is not a book club but a tool for authors to learn from the best. The other items are fun and help with the journey but the key is in the lesson and knowledge acquired. My only problem is that it got MY muse fired up so now my characters are keeping me up at night, coming into the shower, bugging me when I am trying to hubby and I are now sharing the box. I LOVE Yoobi. The cutest supplies and they give back. I feel like Victoria and Lindsay are coming from passion other writers understand. The community is great! Thank you for all you do to inspire creativity and take great care of us!

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Love Lavish!

Lavish Bath Box on Jun 2018

I have subscribed to Lavish for almost a year and it is the best. The theme each month is so much fun and the products are wonderful! I keep finding new brands and love supporting small companies and entrepreneurs! I always feel like I have received such a treat each month!

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Love this so much!

Smartass and Sass on Jun 2018

I love this box and the ladies behind it! The Basic box was so amazing. I use everything and it always makes me laugh. I highly recommend this box if you are a little sassy and lots of fun. Treat yourself because you deserve it!

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